At HPS we inventory a wide variety of hydraulic parts accessories such as flanges, breathers, filters, strainers, and clamps from the world’s leading manufacturers and fabricators.


DMIC makes a wide array of threaded, socket weld, butt weld, and split flanges in low carbon or stainless steel. Most are forged, eliminating porosity, making them some of the strongest production SAE flanges on the market. It also engineers suction ball valves and suction fittings.

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Schroeder ABF and MBF style air breathers feature large pleated surface areas which remove airborne particles as small as three microns with exceptional dirt holding capacity to greatly increase a system’s cleanliness level and lifespan.

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Donaldson offers a huge range of reservoir accessories, including air breathers, filters, strainers and diffusors, caps, plugs and vents.

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ZSi manufactures low-vibration cushioned clamps, loop clamps, z-struts, beta clamps and z-clamps for all industrial hydraulic applications.


Behringer offers industrial clamps from three-quarters of an inch to 30 inches as well as suction strainers, diffusors breathers, breather adaptors and standard SAE weld-on hydraulic flanges.

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Anchor Flange engineers weld couplings, split and captive flanges (per ISO 6162/SAE J518) split flange adapters as well as both square and SAE four-bolt welded or threaded port flanges. Both carbon steel and stainless steel models are available.