AC/DC power units


AC/DC power units

At HPS we inventory a wide variety of AC/DC power units from the world’s leading manufacturers.


Hydra-Power manufactures a range of self-contained Quietpower hydraulic power units that are designed for low-noise and operate at 5 to 60 dba.


MTE makes both AC/DC lift/check/dump power units with displacements ranging from 0.1 gpm to 5 gpm.  Their products are designed using standard components that can be easily modified for your application, saving time and costs.


Hydr-app specializes in hydraulic power packs and power transmission systems for the needs and uses of the industrial, handling, lifting and transporting sectors.


FPP engineers a variety of cost-effective “flex power pack” modular power unit systems for hydraulic systems in five frame sizes ranging in output from one-quarter horsepower to 30 hp.


Bucher manufacturers a range of power pack units for commercial and industrial applications. Simplicity in construction and reduction in size are the fundamental objectives in the design of their power units.

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Monarch AC power units come in a wide range of motors, reservoirs, manifolds and valve options. Monarch DC power units are renowned for their compact designs, with integrated and manifolded valve circuits and are capable of flow rates up to 8 gpm and pressures up to 4,000 psi.

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