Gauges, transducers & transmitters


Gauges, transducers & transmitters

At HPS we inventory a wide variety of high quality gauges, transducers and transmitters from the world’s leading manufacturers.


Donaldson supplies mechanical bourdon tube pressure gauges with glycerin-filled stainless steel bezels and cases in a variety of face diameters are easy to install for continual monitoring of system pressure as well as electrical, visual, pressure and differential filter gauges.

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Wika makes a variety of general-purpose pressure transmitters, hazardous area pressure transmitters, submersible liquid level transmitters, special purpose pressure transmitters, meters, displays and 3A sanitary transmitters that are all designed for long-term, reliable performance in difficult industrial environments. Most models are stainless steel, with moisture and vibration protected circuitry.

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Barksdale pressure transducers for general industrial use come in both amplified and unamplified forms and are rated from zero to 10,000 psi. Lower-cost OEM transducers as well as intronsically safe and fire-proof models are also available.


Nason transducers offers a variety of customizable outputs and accuracy ranges and low current consumption within a high quality, compact design. Four accuracy models ensure precise conversion regardless of operating conditions.


Gems sensors manufactures a broad portfolio of liquid flow and pressure sensors. Its pressure transducer range includes CVD, sputtered thin-film, capacitance, digital output and MMS pressure transducers while it also engineers continuous flow sensors as well as ultrasonic, float, magnetostrictive and potentiometeric continuous level transmitters.


Miratron improves the performance of industrial equipment with innovative industrial-grade electronic controls products. As well as a full range of environmentally sealed radio remote controls, Miratron makes can-enabled controls and speed switches with built-in transceivers, temperature controls and valve drivers.

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