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50 Years of Service and Innovation

Hydra-Power Systems has grown into the nation’s premier distributor of hydraulic and pneumatic components by remaining true to the principles upon which it was founded.

Hydra-Power Systems traces its origins back to 1970. Back then, the bulk of our output consisted of power sources designed to run sawmill equipment. That’s a fairly typical origin story for businesses in the fluid power industry.

But what sets Hydra-Power Systems apart — and what continues to distinguish our operations to this very day — is our focus on innovation, efficiency, and agility.

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Few businesses last for five decades (and counting!) in high-tech power industries without refining and perfecting their core offerings. Fewer still remain vital to the industrial worlds of which they are a part without constantly seeking new efficiencies, processes, procedures and products.


That’s one of the reasons we established our distribution business in 1989 and began building manifolds to accommodate the needs of clients who bought the sophisticated hydraulic and pneumatic products we championed and sold.

Today, you’ll find Hydra-Power Systems’ delivering for our partners and industrial dynamos at the apex of the fluid power pyramid: nuclear plants, hydroelectric, extrusion businesses, test stands, metals (aluminum), and so much more.

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The industrial and machine age continues to refine, define, and redefine fluid power based on the innovations brought forth by its practitioners. It’s there at the cutting edge of technological advances that Hydra-Power Systems plies its trade.

As we enter our sixth decade of innovation and service excellence, we remain focused on the efficient distribution of hydraulic and pneumatic components, the design and production of manifolds, and growing our newest business ventures: the Solutions Group and PTO Specialties.

Hydra-Power Systems

We continue to build on our success, with a focus on taking care of our people and our partners. We remain laser-focused on our “Concept to Completion” processes, which includes circuit design, manifold design, electrical design, electrical assembly, equipment design, fabrication, assembly, testing, painting and crating.

We serve broad sectors of modern industry, with fluid power and machine solutions designed for and distributed to producers of mobile equipment and industrial systems along with marine, power generation, gas and oil production, agriculture, military and construction entities.

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Some of our biggest partners: Sun Hydraulics, SMC, Muncie, Hydraforce, and Schroeder.

Hydra-Power Systems remains committed to efficiency, innovation, and standard-setting customer service.

In fact, we find ourselves positioned perhaps better than ever to continue growing our distribution network to serve the needs of our clients and partners.

With our 58,600-square-foot headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and a sister site — just as robust and active — in Birmingham, Alabama, we’re ready to serve you.

We are a preferred distributor for most of the world’s
largest and trusted suppliers.




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