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PTO Specialties has been part of the HPS family since 2006.

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Our goal: to deliver machine solutions to customers who need the best and most reliable power takeoff and hydraulic products.





Your go-to supplier for Muncie PTOs and hydraulic components

Hydra-Power Systems remains the machine industry’s best resource for power take-off (PTO) solutions. We deliver those solutions through our PTO Specialties group.

PTO Specialties solidifies our position as an industry resource by staying true to our core values: friendly, responsive, and expert customer service as well as a commitment to helping those customers find the right combination of equipment for their applications and systems. We also remain an independent, authorized master warehouse for Muncie Power Products.

Our technical sales and support teams continue to set the industry standard for service and their ability to uncover elegant solutions for our clients. Each member of our team has years of experience in system design, installations, maintenance, and repairs.

Custom Solutions

How can Hydra-Power Systems’ PTO Specialties help you? Need PTO for a dump truck, an agricultural tractor, a snowplow, a lift crane — or any number of additional mobile, commercial or industrial applications?

Need PTO solutions for your part of the trucking industry? PTO customizations for different elements within the farming industry, such as harvesters, mowers, or hay balers? We’re here. Wherever there is a need for power, precision, and control, PTO Specialties is primed to deliver.

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We’re equipped to provide our customers with the technical information they need to help them choose the right parts. And with the right parts and the support of the specialists at PTO Specialties, we can help deliver products that generate top-notch performances, superior reliability, and maximum value.

Our product offerings also include custom manifolds and systems, plus air automation and filtration to fit just about any mobile and industrial need.

We’re based in the Pacific Northwest with our headquarters in beautiful Portland, Oregon. We also have a base in the Southeastern United States, with a facility in the great city of Birmingham, Alabama.

Hydra-Power Systems and PTO Specialties

Hydra-Power Systems is the preferred distributor for the largest and most trusted suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic equipment in the world. And we remain the premier fluid power distributor and manufacturer — right where we’ve been since 1970.

You can count on our expertise to provide machine power solutions for all your needs. Get in touch with us today and join our list of longtime customers whose trust in us helps drive our business forward each and every day.

• Manifold Manufacturing
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Distribution
• Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Support
• Power units for boat lifts and so much more

PTO Specialties are the power take-off experts and a trusted supplier of genuine Muncie PTOs and hydraulic products.

If you need expert, qualified advice on the right Muncie PTO for your application, give us a call. We’ll give you the answer you’re after.

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