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At Hydra-Power Systems we have large inventories in two conveniently located distribution centers, and are a preferred distributor for most of the world’s largest and trusted suppliers.

Whether you require a hydraulic or pneumatic component for mobile, industrial, marine, agricultural mining, hydroelectric equipment or any other imaginable application, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our level of service.

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    SUN Hydraulics specializes in high-performance, screw-in hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds that enable machine designers to develop innovative and efficient control systems for all types of hydraulic applications.

    SUN Hydraulics valves and packaged manifold systems work accurately and reliably in even the most demanding applications.

    SUN’s cartridge valves provide pressure, flow, logic, directional and load control in up to five different sizes. Flow capacity ranges up to 400 gallons per minute and cartridges are designed to operate at pressures up to 5,000 pounds per square inch. SUN’s standard manifolds come in near-limitless variety, including direct mount, line mount, sandwiches, subplates and motor mounts.

    Hydra-Power Systems is an authorized distributor of the following SUN Hydraulics product lines:

    • Hydraulic cartridges
    • Counterbalance valves
    • Standard valve packages
    • Pressure, flow and directional
    • Solenoid, proportional and sandwiches

    HPS has the largest SUN hydraulics inventory in the USA!
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    Danfoss is recognized as a global trendsetter. They offer high quality hydraulic and electronic products that excel in the harsh operating conditions of the mobile off highway market.

    The company is among the largest manufacturers and suppliers of mobile power and control systems in the world with a reputation for innovative, quality and excellence.

    Hydra-Power Systems is an authorized distributor of the following Danfoss product lines:

    • Piston Pumps & Motors
    • PVG Valves
    • Orbital Motors
    • Steering
    • Mobile Electronics – PLUS+1®

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    HydraForce boasts one of the most comprehensive lines of high quality, industry-interchangeable hydraulic cartridge valves for mobile and industrial equipment.

    HydraForce high performance, cost-effective valves can meet virtually any need encountered in machine design for flow rates of 0.4 to 530 lpm (0.1 to 140 gpm) and are engineered using state-of-the-art equipment to meet critical tolerances for more efficient hydraulic circuits.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following HydraForce product lines:

    • Hydraulic cartridge valves
    • Pressure, flow and directional
    • Solenoid valves
    • Custom manifolds

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    One of the leaders in fluid conditioning technology, Schroeder works at the forefront of fluid conditioning, diagnostics, and specialized energy products, designing and manufacturing innovative filtration solutions for hydraulic, lubrication and process systems.

    Schroeder’s extensive line of hydraulic filters includes units for low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure operations and conditions. Schroeder filter micron ratings range from 1µ to 260µ. Whether you need to filter hydraulic oil, water, or biodiesel, or need the correct equipment to monitor your efforts, Schroeder solutions provide optimal cleanliness.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Schroeder Industries components:

    • Hydraulic filters
    • Filtration carts
    • Kidney loop filtration
    • Interchange elements
    • Vacuum dehydrators

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    The global leader in automation, SMC Corporation manufactures pneumatic and electric actuators, grippers, and air cylinders in a broad range of sizes and styles to meet almost any automation need.

    SMC’s valves are designed to conserve energy, and deliver maximum flow rates.

    Whether you are working with electric actuators, or need a combination rotary linear cylinder, or require slide tables, solenoid valves, fittings, tubing, air preparation equipment, dryers, or high purity products, SMC has your solution.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following SMC components:

    • Valves and cylinders
    • Actuators and grippers
    • Filters and regulators
    • Lubricators
    • Detection vacuum equipment
    • Connectors and tubing

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    Accumulators, Inc. produce one of the most extensive series of hydro-pneumatic accumulators (bladder, diaphragm or piston), gas bottles, spare parts and accessories.

    Whether you need a standard bladder accumulator an air flask, air bottle, gas or fluid storage bottle, Accumulators, Inc. manufactures high quality parts from 1 quart to 15 gallon capacity, rated to pressures of up to 10,000 pounds per square inch.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Accumulators, Inc. components:

    • Bladder Accumulators
    • Piston Accumulators
    • AccuMight Accumulators
    • Nitrogen Bottles
    • Charging and Gauging Assemblies
    • Gas valves
    • Mounting Hardware

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    AKG Thermal Systems is a leading supplier of standardized industrial, mobile and compressed air cooling products.

    AKG manufactures a wide variety of brazed air-cooled aluminum coolers for oil, air (compressed and charged air) and water/glycol mixtures. Its advanced technology heat transfer equipment deliver high transfer rates with low noise and are robust enough to deliver superior low-maintenance performance even in dirty environments.

    AKG’s solutions have been developed with state-of-the-art technology, produced in compliance with the highest quality standards and are comprehensively tested in the company’s own research and test facility. Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following AKG Thermal products:

    • Industrial coolers
    • Mobile coolers
    • Compressed-air coolers
    • High-flow coolers

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    Argo-Hytos are one of the world’s innovators in fluid power control and filtration technology for mobile working machinery, industrial hydraulics and mechanical engineering.

    Argos-Hytos engineers a wide range of directional, sub plate and sandwich type valves, power units and integrated manifolds that incorporate all commonly used design features and functions, plus directly activated proportional and directional valves and assorted control electronics.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Argo-Hytos Inc components:

    • Hydraulic valves
    • Solenoid and directional valves
    • Proportional and electronics valves
    • A/C-D/C power packs
    • Portable oil diagnostic systems

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    Behringer’s vibration-dampening pipe clamps are manufactured in different series for use in many different applications. The core range of pipe clamps encompasses Standard Series, Heavy Series and Twin Series. They meet ASTM, Shipbuilding, Nuclear, Coast Guard, and other specifications.

    In addition to these main types of pipe clamps, Behringer also manufactures other clamping components and hardware. For large diameter pipes, Behirnger’s patented Heavy Four Series offer unparalleled performance in securing and vibration dampening, as well as electrical isolation of piping from support structure. Behirnger offers plastic saddle clamps and U-bolts as well. Behringer has its roots in the metal fabrication business and we can easily manufacture customer-specific fabricated metal or injection molded products.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following products:

    • Hangers and clamps

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    Bucher Hydraulics manufactures innovative hydraulic drive and control technologies for mobile and industrial hydraulic applications, specializing in compact, economic hydraulic systems that also improve performance.

    Butcher parts are made to exacting technical standards, and the company has been supplying AC/DC power units, cartridge valves, pumps and mobile valves for construction machinery, conveyor technology, industrial machine construction and agricultural applications for decades.

    Hydra-power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Bucher Hydraulics products:

    • Gear Pumps and Motors
    • Sectional Control Valves
    • Power Units
    • Electronics

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    Brevini produces a complete range of hydraulic power transmission products from shaft mounted, foot mounted or flange mounted planetary gearboxes to wheel drives and track drives.

    Brevini hydraulic and electric motors are ideal for low speed, high torque equipment, and they specialize in reducers for thickeners, agitators, mixers, feeder conveyors, and inching, long travel and slewing drives.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Brevini product lines:

    • Planetary reducers
    • Hydraulic motors
    • Power steering units
    • Axial pumps and motors

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    Casappa engineers a wide range of gear or piston pumps and motors with many functions, such as valves and controls, directly incorporated to optimize system space and costs.

    High-performance Casappa hydraulic components are used by leading companies in: construction, industrial vehicles, material handling, agriculture and industry.

    Whether you need an aluminum body or cast iron hydraulic gear pump or motor, or a fixed- or variable displacement axial piston pump compliant with SAE, DIN and European standards, Cassapa has the expertise to deliver.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Casappa products:

    • Hydraulic pumps and motors
    • Built-in valves for pumps and motors
    • Gear flow dividers
    • Fixed- and variable-displacement axial piston pumps

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    Continental Hydraulics produces hydraulic pumps, valves and power units of superior durability and performance.

    Whether it’s a variable displacement or pressure-compensated axial piston pump, or a high-efficiency pvr or pvx vane pump, or a PowerFlow™ directional control valve with some of the highest flow and pressure ratings in the industry today, Continental Hydraulics produces rugged, compact parts of superior performance and durability.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Continental Hydraulics components:

    • Vane pumps
    • Piston pumps
    • Directional valves
    • Proportional valves

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    Daman offers the world’s most comprehensive catalog of standard manifold products.

    Daman provides over one million choices to refine and enhance your hydraulic system, ranging from ISO 02 valve patterns through ISO 10. All are available in 6061-T6 aluminum or 4512 continuous cast ductile iron.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Daman products:

    • Hydraulic valve manifolds

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    DMIC manufactures premium fluid control valves for industrial, aviation, petrochemical, marine, subsea and aerospace applications.

    Ball valves that DMIC engineers include: low pressure and low profile suction ball valves ideal for general industrial use, mid pressure models that can handle 2,000 to 3,000 PSI, or high pressure or extreme pressure versions that are rated to as much as 15,000 PSI and designed to be fire safe for hazardous gas and subsea environments.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following DMIC components:

    • Ball valves and accessories
    • Speciality reservoir fittings

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    Donaldson designs and manufactures filters for low, medium and high pressure applications.

    Low pressure spin-on, in-tank or in-line cartridge filters are capable of pressures up to 24 bars, spin-on and in-line medium pressure cartridge filters work at up to 138 bar, while Donaldson in-line high pressure cartridge filters will withstand demanding industrial applications and pressures of 450 bar.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Donaldson products:

    • Low, Medium and High Pressure Filters
    • Replacement Elements
    • Line and Reservoir Accessories

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    Dynaset is the global leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors. Dynaset hydraulic equipment converts the mobile machine’s hydraulic power into electricity, high pressure water, compressed air, magnet and vibration. Dynaset’s products are used for hundreds of applications in various industries all around the world.
    Dynaset technology increased the productivity of mobile machinery from small vehicles to heavy machines. The company has experience and expertise integrating all hydraulic systems with different machine brands. The technology is based on utilizing a machine’s hydraulic system as the power source. The hydraulic equipment operates without secondary engines, scheduled maintenance and emissions, making Dynaset also the most ecological choice.
    Hydra-Power is an authorized distributor for all of the following Dynaset products:
    Hydraulic generators
    Hydraulic welders
    Hydraulic magnets
    Hydraulic high pressure pumps
    High pressure street washing units
    High pressure pipe washing units
    High pressure firefighting system
    De-icing technology
    Hydraulic drilling fluid pump
    High pressure waste bin washing units
    Hydraulic submersible pump
    Hydraulic compressors
    Installation valves
    Hydraulic vibra pumps
    Hydraulic Power take offs
    Hydraulic grinders
    Hydraulic winches
    Hydraulic power units
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    Dynex High-Pressure Hydraulics are experts in hydraulic components and systems for mobile and industrial machinery.

    For more than 40 years, Dynex has been building high pressure piston pumps, high pressure directional and pressure control valves, heavy duty piston motors and electro hydraulic actuators for long duty cycles in the harshest and most demanding conditions. Dynex also builds standard hydraulic power units for pressures from 3000 to 10 000 psi (210 to 700 bar), with flows to 200 gpm (757 lpm).

    Rugged and durable, Dynex parts are capable of with-standing high pressure, contamination, dirty environments, special fluids and extreme temperature variations.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Dynex components:

    • Hydraulic valves
    • Motors
    • High pressure pumps

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    Since 1991 Enfield Technologies has been providing advanced automation control solutions. The patented servo-pneumatic systems provide infinitely variable control of pneumatic devices such as air cylinders and pressure vessels.

    Enfield Technologies systems is the preferred choice of designers in industrial automation, product testing, and animatronics.

    Hydra-power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Enfield Technologies products:

    • Valves
    • Proportional and Servo pneumatic proportional control systems
    • Actuators
    • Controllers
    • Drivers
    • Signal Source

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    Enovation Controls is an innovative manufacturer of electronic controls and displays for diverse markets. They are an international leader in fully customized solutions for engines, engine-driven equipment, and specialty vehicles with a broad range of displays, controls, and instrumentation products.
    With their Murphy, High Country Tek, and Zero Off brands, Enovation Controls serve a variety of markets, including off-highway, recreational and commercial marine, power sports and specialty vehicles, agriculture and water pumping, power generation and industrial equipment.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • Controllers
    • Displays
    • Sensors

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    Faster is a leader in the market of quick-release couplings and multi connections. They are
    developing and producing a wide range of quick release couplings, ranging from medium to ultra-high pressures, single couplings, multi connections and casting solutions.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • Couplings
    • Swivels
    • MultiFaster line

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    HR Textron servo-valve design incorporates an electronically controlled, permanent magnet brushless DC motor to drive a single stage spool valve.

    This innovation delivers superior reliability and outstanding servo performance at a price comparable to traditional servo-valves.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following HR Textron products:

    • Servo and proportional valves
    • Hydraulic and Pneumatic

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    Husco International is a global leader in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic controls for off-highway and automotive applications.

    Husco International stand-alone and integrated hydraulic cartridges are versatile enough for both common and custom-application requirements. Husco International electronic controllers can be used to supplement the mobile hydraulic control valves as part of a system or as a stand-alone for other applications. And Husco International produces mobile hydraulic control valves that satisfy control requirements up to 950 lpm and 350 bar and applications for both open center and closed center systems.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Husco International products:

    • Cartridge valves
    • Hydraulic control valves
    • Electronics

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    The Hydrapulse Smart Hydraulic Power Unit is the next-generation integrated electro-hydraulic solution. It is designed for both mobile and industrial applications and is a perfect fit for hybrid and zero-emissions electric heavy equipment with power levels ranging from 1.5kw to 30kw.
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    Hydro-Gear is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of hydrostatic transmissions, and works with multi-national OEMs to produce a complete line of high-performance, efficient drive systems.

    Hydro-Gear uses the latest technology and manufacturing processes to create reliable products that can deliver high performance over the intense and sustained working conditions encountered in commercial and industrial applications.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Hydro-Gear components:

    • Smartec electric drives
    • Piston pumps and motors
    • Hydrostatic drives and transmissions
    • Filters, bases, and hubs
    • Expansion tanks

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    Ikron are specialists in designing and fabricating filters that optimize the efficiency of hydraulic systems and prolong component life.

    Ikron manufactures and supplies state-of-the-art suction filters, return filters, in line filters, spin-on, medium and high-pressure filters. It also produces a range of accessories including clogging indicators, level and temperature gauges, filler breathers.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Ikron products:

    • Hydraulic filters
    • Suction Filters
    • Return Line Filters
    • High Pressure Filters

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    Kar-Tech Inc. is a leader in design and manufacture of cost-effective, rugged, electronic control systems and radio remote controls for mobile hydraulic equipment.
    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • Radio Controls
    • Radio Receivers
    • Controllers and Drivers
    • Sensors

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    KTI Hydraulics supplies hydraulic power units, AC and DC motors, manifolds, gear pumps, reservoirs, and remotes. Their hydraulic power units are ideal for mobile and industrial needs.
    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • Motors
    • Gear Pumps
    • Power Units

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    Miratron improves the performance of industrial equipment with innovative industrial-grade electronic controls products.

    As well as a full range of environmentally sealed radio remote controls, Miratron makes can-enabled controls and speed switches with built-in transceivers, temperature controls and valve drivers.

    Hydra-Power systems stocks and distributes all of the following Miratron products:

    • Radio remote controls
    • Valve drivers
    • Switches and transducers

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    Moog is a worldwide leader, designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision motion control products and systems.

    High performance, precision accurate servo and proportional valves for the industrial and aerospace markets as well as robust servo drives in a wide range of power sizes that deliver highest dynamics and reliability, smooth low speed performance and excellent thermal management for operation in demanding industrial environments.

    Moog’s current generation of advanced Radial Piston Pumps (RKP) are even quieter and more compact, while still offering the fast response and high volumetric efficiencies that industry demands.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Moog components:

    • Servo and proportional hydraulic valve products
    • Radial piston pumps (RKP)
    • Motion control electronics and controllers
    • Cartridge and servo-cartridge valves
    • Electronic servo-motors and servo-drives
    • Accessories

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    Muncie is renowned for its comprehensive line of mobile power components and systems for dump trucks, roll-off hoists, wreckers, aerial bucket trucks, tank trucks, truck mounted cranes and more. The company has more than 75 years experience and is renowned for its innovative thinking and ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and investment in engineering and technology.

    Hydra-power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Muncie products:

    • Power take-offs
    • Clutch-shift power take-offs
    • PTO shaft extensions
    • Split-shaft PTOs and gearboxes
    • Belt-driven hydraulic pumps
    • Fixed displacement gear and vane pumps and motors
    • Variable and fixed displacement piston pumps
    • Aluminium, poly and steel hydraulic reservoirs
    • Hydraulic valves and accessories
    • Wet line kits
    • In-cab controls and consoles
    • Hydraulic filters
    • Hydraulic control valves
    • Power packs

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    Murrelektronik is your system partner: From the control cabinet via the interface active or passive into the field. We have a diversified product range, and can supply you with well thought-out solutions made to fit your industrial applications all from a single source.

    Our Success is based on innovative products, highly-developed market and customer orientation, effective logistics, teamwork with commitment and quality awareness, and we are proud of this. Our company, which was established in Oppenweiler, Germany (near Stuttgart) in 1975, now occupies a leading position in both national and international markets.
    Hydra-Powers Systems distributes the following Murr Elektronik components;
    Distributed I/O Solutions
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    NEM Hydraulics is a valve manufacturer specializing in the development of hydraulic solutions for mobile, agricultural, and industrial applications
    They are developing and manufacturing top quality products, which can be fully integrated into many different applications. NEM components ensure the highest level of performance and safety in any application.
    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • Cartridge Valves
    • Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

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    Oilgear’s fixed and variable displacement pumps are regarded as the “Rolls Royce” on the market, especially for heavy duty applications. Oilgear axial piston pumps provide customers a low cost of ownership, taking pressures of 650 bars for great volumetric returns of 98%.

    Oilgear also manufactures a line of rugged flow meters for applications in the harshest of environments and a comprehensive line of high pressure prefill, screw-in and slip-in cartridge valves that offer superb design flexibility, excellent performance and substantial savings.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Oilgear components:

    • Hydraulic piston pumps
    • Cartridge valves
    • DIN cartridge valves

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    Thermal Transfer Products produces a wide variety of fluid power-related heat exchangers — oil, water and air-coolers — for mobile and industrial applications.

    This includes copper tube and fin mobile hydraulic oil coolers, brazed aluminum (P-BAR) mobile hydraulic oil coolers, industrial hydraulic oil coolers, compressed air aftercoolers and process coolers. Whether you need air-to-oil, water-to-oil, air-to-air or water-to-air cooling, Thermal Transfer has a solution for every industrial and hydraulic application.

    Available in aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and brass, Thermal Transfer heat exchangers are widely used in the compressor and process industries.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Thermal Transfer products:

    • Heat exchangers

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    Tobul is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic accumulators with one of the most comprehensive offering of piston type accumulators in the industry.

    Whether it’s a piston type accumulator (Tobul manufactures anything from two inches to 24 inches in diameter, with fluid capacities from four cubic inches to 300 gallons and operating pressures up to 20,000 PSIG) to a bladder type accumulator capable of working pressures up to 7,500 PSIG, Tobul can supply a solution in most industry standard capacities.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Tobul components:

    • Piston accumulators
    • Nitrogen bottles
    • Mounting brackets

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    Sheffer Pneumatic & Hydraulic Cylinders manufactures precision cylinders and actuators in almost every size for virtually every industry and type of use — from heavy duty hydraulic cylinders, tie rod cylinders and telescopic cylinders to custom hydraulic cylinders, NFPA cylinders and linear pneumatic actuators. Sheffer cylinders come with the industry’s longest warranty.

    Decades focused entirely on meeting the demands of cylinder users means that Sheffer products are high performance, long lasting and simpler to repair, delivering longer service life with minimal downtime and lower operating costs.

    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Sheffer components:

    • Pneumatic cylinders
    • Hydraulic cylinders
    • Electronic positioning cylinders

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    Taimi Hydraulics have developed a unique technology of ball-less swivel couplings. Their products are reliable, leak resistant, pressure spike protected and can withstand significant lateral and tear loads. They are designed for high pressure modern machines.
    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes the following Enovation Control products:

    • In-line Swivel
    • Screw-in Cartridge
    • Taimi Rings

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    Walvoil is a leading global manufacturer of hydraulic valves and complete mechatronic systems designed for mobile equipment , agricultural machines, industrial vehicles, construction and earth moving machines, lifting and transport equipment.

    At Walvoil they have been protecting the future of motion for over forty years, be developing and realizing an integrated offer of hydraulic and electronic systems, all custom tailored and specifically texted for each different application.

    Hydra-Power Systems is an authorized distributor for the following Walvoil product lines:

    • Directional Control Valves
    • Pilot and Control Devices
    • Hydraulic Valves
    • Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

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    Wandfluh of America, Inc. is a Swiss manufacturer known for high quality , precision and performance in the field of fluid power products and electronics. Wandfluh serves a wide range of industries including: Automotive, machine tool, petrochemical, mobile equipment and marine.
    Hydra-Power Systems stocks and distributes all of the following Wandfluh components:

    Cartridge Valves

    Proportional Valves

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