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Manifold Manufacturing: Revolutionizing the Industry

Custom Manifold Manufacturing For All Applications

Hydra-Power Systems innovates. It generates solutions. It implements efficiencies into its processes and its products.

What does that mean for our customers? It means they’ve come to rely on the technical expertise of our team members to design and manufacture custom manifolds for their specific applications.

It’s one more way in which we’ve positioned ourselves as the world’s premier motion control and fluid solution experts.

When it comes to custom manifolds, we can design and manufacture everything from proportionally controlled vacuum manifolds and electronic governor manifolds to actuator mounted manifolds.

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Hydraulic Manifolds.

Hydra-Power Systems can integrate high- and/or low-pressure filter elements to spec.

We remain the industry’s trusted partner for custom circuit and block designs.

Furthermore, we continue to build on our pledge to be the premier solutions provider for novel approaches to machining.

Built for the Future

Today — and every day — we prepare for tomorrow. We seek to solidify the future of the machine age and our place in it by continuing to advance and refine the development of proprietary methods for the deburring, cleaning, assembling, and testing of manifold assemblies.

Your manifolds will always be custom-designed to your particular specifications and requirements. We offer unique circuit designs, block designs, and bold new approaches to machining.

Plus, we provide standard or custom packaging options for shipment to any location. We want to remain your one-stop shop for custom manifold designs and deliverables.

Custom Manifolds Produced

  • Electronic governor manifolds
  • Proportional vacuum manifolds
  • Hydraulic manifolds
  • Lift truck attachment manifolds
  • Thruster/chiller valve manifolds
  • Soft-shift directional valve manifolds
  • Industrial refuse compactor manifolds
  • Proportional dual winch manifolds
  • Proportional piston flow divider manifolds
  • Low grapple manifolds
  • 25.0 GPM selector valve manifolds
  • Turret control servo manifolds
  • Custom geological equipment manifolds
  • Linear Servo Actuators mounted manifolds


All of our custom equipment — from manifolds to hydraulic power units and electrical control systems — are developed with AutoCAD and Inventor utilizing Vest’s MDTools software.

With Mastercam X7, we’re able to take full advantage of both flat-pattern and solid model-based geometry for programming. Additionally, we utilize Cadkey and Pro/E as required.

Inventory from Leading Manufacturers

All of our custom equipment — from manifolds to hydraulic power units and electrical control systems — are developed with AutoCAD and Inventor utilizing Vest’s MDTools software.

  • HydraForce

    Precision-cut, custom integrated manifolds that minimize external connections, virtually eliminate leakage and consolidate your hydraulic control system. Circuit logic and function tested, they’re designed for reduced installation time and system maintenance.

  • SUN Hydraulics

    Standard line mount, motor mount, sandwich, and sub-plate manifolds that are available in a choice of aluminum (3000 psi/210 bar) or ductile iron (5000 psi/350 bar). Port choices include threaded and code 61 and code 62 flanges.

In addition to our custom manifold production, Hydra-Power Systems also inventories a wide variety of standard-gauge, high-quality manifolds from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Crafting for Shipment

With rapid, same-day shipment, Hydra-Power Systems is ready to serve you. With warehouses in the Southeast and Northwest, we’re quick and our deliveries are cost-effective regardless of the size of the order. We have friendly and expert customer service representatives available to speak to you 12 hours a day.

We are a preferred distributor for most of the world’s
largest and trusted suppliers.

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Rapid, same-day shipment Warehouses located in the Southeast and Northwest for quick & cost-effective delivery Customer Service available to speak with 12 hours a day.