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Solutions: Setting Sail on Innovation

Hydra-Power Systems Solutions: Our Newest Endeavor

Hydra-Power Systems is no stranger to the solutions industry. It’s what helps inform our latest endeavor: a Solutions group that produces power units for boat lifts.

In fact, for more than a decade, HPS was involved in a number of initiatives revolving around the fishing boat industry. These were implemented and championed nationwide via our former HPS Marine Division. Now, we are in many ways returning to one of our roots with our newly imagined Solutions Division.

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As the industry leader in hydraulic and pneumatic components, along with our ability to produce integrated circuit hydraulic manifolds and hydraulic power supply systems, we’re well-positioned to provide power solutions in the boat lift trade now and far into the future.

And with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, and additional facilities in Birmingham, Alabama, we’re right where you need us — right when you need us.

Hydraulic Power Units for Multiple Applications

We’re primed and ready to serve a broad sector of industries that are directly involved in marine operations of tangentially related and interacting with them.

• Marine
• Medical
• Forest Products
• Construction
• Farm Equipment

We remain the premier fluid power distributor and manufacturer. Our work helps modern machinery meet and exceed the demands of the toughest marine environments. With friendly, expert customer service reps ready to assist you 12 hours a day, you’re never far from a power solution.

Our Products

When you’re in the market for hydraulic or pneumatic components for marine equipment, we have a history of providing high-quality, efficient, and cost-effective solutions. Our team is made up of inventive and creative thinkers, builders, designers, and engineers.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

Hydra-Power Systems

Hydra-Power Systems Solutions Division accelerates our goal of becoming the industry leader — the one-stop-shop for hydraulic and pneumatic components, custom integrated-circuit hydraulic manifolds, hydraulic power supply systems, custom electronic controlled solutions, and much, much more.

Our clients are as diverse as our product line: nuclear plants, hydroelectric power, extrusion services, test stands, aluminum, and more. Get in touch with HPS today and build your solution for tomorrow — and beyond.


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