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A Leading Provider of Advanced Fluid Conditioning Solutions

Hydra-Power Systems delivers superior hydraulic solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of our clients’ systems. Our partnership with Schroeder Industries, a leader in fluid filtration and contamination control, allows us to offer the highest quality hydraulic filters and accessories designed to maintain the cleanliness and efficiency of hydraulic systems.

Schroeder Industries is synonymous with innovation and excellence in fluid filtration. With a rich history of developing cutting-edge filtration technologies, Schroeder is dedicated to improving hydraulic system performance by minimizing contamination and extending component life.



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Enhancing Hydraulic System Performance

By incorporating Schroeder Industries’ products, Hydra-Power Systems ensures that our clients’ hydraulic systems achieve optimal performance. Contaminated hydraulic fluid can lead to significant wear and tear, reducing system efficiency and causing costly downtime. Schroeder’s filtration solutions help prevent these issues by:

Improving Fluid Cleanliness: Effective filtration reduces particle contamination, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

Prolonging Equipment Life: Clean fluids reduce wear on hydraulic components, extending the life of the system.

Minimizing Downtime: With fewer contaminants, the risk of system failures decreases, resulting in less maintenance and downtime.

Comprehensive Product Offering

At Hydra-Power Systems, we provide a wide range of Schroeder Industries products to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our offerings include:

In-line Filters: Ideal for applications requiring high flow rates and minimal pressure drop.

Spin-on Filters: Easy to replace and maintain, these filters are perfect for low to medium pressure applications.

Suction Filters: Designed to protect pumps from contaminants in the reservoir.

Hydraulic Return Line Filters: Efficiently capture contaminants before they re-enter the reservoir, maintaining fluid cleanliness.

Breathers and Vents: Prevent moisture and particulate ingress into hydraulic reservoirs.

Condition Monitoring Tools: Ensure continuous monitoring of fluid health, allowing for proactive maintenance.

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Tailored Solutions for Every Application

Our team works closely with clients to understand their specific hydraulic filtration needs. Whether it’s a new installation or an upgrade to an existing system, we leverage Schroeder Industries’ products to deliver customized solutions that enhance performance and reliability. Our services include:

System Analysis and Design: A comprehensive evaluation of hydraulic systems to identify the best filtration solutions.

Installation and Commissioning: Expert installation and setup of filtration systems to ensure optimal performance.

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A Commitment to Quality and Reliability

Hydra-Power Systems is committed to providing products and services that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our partnership with Schroeder Industries reinforces this commitment, ensuring that our clients receive the best hydraulic filtration solutions available in the market. By choosing Hydra-Power Systems, clients benefit from:

Proven Expertise: Decades of experience in hydraulic systems and fluid filtration.

Quality Products: Access to Schroeder Industries’ renowned filtration technologies.

Exceptional Support: Dedicated customer service and technical support to address any filtration challenges.

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Rapid, same-day shipment Warehouses located in the Southeast and Northwest for quick & cost-effective delivery Customer Service available to speak with 12 hours a day.