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It’s Time for the 2023 International GSE Expo in Las Vegas

Airport ground crew seen next to airplane in departures area to illustrate 2023 International GSE Expo

The GSE Expo brings together ground support equipment professionals from around the world, and power solutions are part of the discussion.

The International GSE Expo 2023 is set to take place from September 26 to September 28, 2023, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This event unites ground support equipment (GSE) professionals and vendors from around the globe to explore and celebrate the latest innovations, technologies, and trends in the ground support market.

As one of the industry’s most trusted platforms for information exchange, networking, and business development, this event promises a unique experience for attendees, providing interactive opportunities to witness first-hand the products, equipment, and technologies revolutionizing the GSE industry.

Although Hydra-Power Systems will not be in attendance this year, we’re certainly interested in the show’s ability to highlight the convergence of GSE innovation as it relates to hydraulic and/or pneumatic power solutions.

International GSE Expo 2023

The International GSE Expo is renowned for its comprehensive showcase of cutting-edge GSE products and services, making it a must-attend event for professionals across various sectors.

From airport operators and airlines to ground handlers and equipment manufacturers, this expo caters to a diverse audience with vested interests in optimizing ground operations.

At the expo, attendees can expect a wide array of activities and events, including live demonstrations, product launches, educational sessions, and networking opportunities.

Renowned experts and thought leaders from the GSE industry will deliver insightful presentations, sharing their knowledge and expertise on the latest trends, challenges, and best practices.

Workshops and panel discussions will foster engaging conversations, allowing participants to gain valuable insights into industry-specific topics and exchange ideas.

Specifically, the following industry members can benefit from attending the show:

Airport authorities and operators

Explore the latest ground support equipment designed to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability at their facilities. Airlines can discover innovative solutions to improve aircraft turnaround times and overall operations, thus minimizing delays and maximizing passenger satisfaction.

Ground handlers

Access advanced technologies and services that streamline baggage handling, ramp operations, and aircraft servicing, leading to improved productivity and reduced costs.

Equipment manufacturers and vendors

These two industries play a crucial role, as they’ll be able to showcase their latest offerings and engage directly with potential customers. They’ll also have the opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of their products, answer questions, and build partnerships with airlines, airports, and ground-handling companies.

In short, the expo acts as a catalyst for fostering collaborations and new business opportunities within the GSE market.

Las Vegas is an ideal host city for the expo, given its reputation as a major transportation hub and a renowned destination for conferences and trade shows. The city’s state-of-the-art convention facilities and hospitality industry provide a seamless experience for exhibitors and visitors alike.

The International GSE Expo 2023 in Las Vegas is a pivotal event for ground support equipment professionals and vendors worldwide. Let us know if you’ll be in attendance — or if you want to share what you learned while you were there!